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Welcome to Corazón Contento!

Corazón Contento is a vintage style Eco restaurant & Gallery, where we believe cooking is an art and as such, it goes far beyond the simple satisfaction of providing our body the primary nutrients.


The type of cuisine that we propose in this new concept is called "Comfort food".


"Comfort food" is a relatively new term, and it aims to provide warmth and contentment to people that eats it. It refers to any food or drink, no matter their geographical origin, that is associated with moments of relaxation and reward. In other words it is "food for the soul"…


Therefore, the main purpose of "Comfort Food” , is to give our day a delicious way to feed ourselves in the best mood.


We are an Eco restaurant, since we are largely committed and concerned to make Corazón Contento friendly to the environment. This is a place that meets the goal of providing satisfaction to our guests, as well as protecting the environment from pollution caused by our waste and processes. In Corazón Contento we concern to conduct our practice in the best environmental stewardship theory described with the “3 R’s”: recycle, reduce and reuse.


We are also a gallery; all our furniture and decoration as well as it help us create that vintage atmosphere we wanted, is on sale. Make yours anything you like here, and give that special unique touch to any space you want. If there is something you like, don’t hesitate to ask your waiter, he will explain the policies of purchasing, so you can take and keep with you a piece of our Corazón Contento” (Happy Heart!).


But, do you know what “vintage” means? It is an English word that was used to describe wines from the best vineyards and the best wine houses. Later, this term was extended to describe other objects, especially those related to fashion and design. So, now we use the term "vintage" to designate high-value antiques, artistic design and good quality objects. We chose this style to decorate Corazón Contento, in order to give all these objects the value they deserve, and also because it promotes recycling, since most of the objects here were out of use, we took them, fixed them and brought them back to life without being dropped. That is, reusing!


We appreciate that you have given us the opportunity to present to you this new concept. We are sure you will love it! You’ll love the food, you’ll love the place!

Corazón Contento is located in the beautiful middle western city of Colima, in the state of the same name, in México. (Please see the location map)

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